About Us

As Bingo we are one of the leading brands of Hayat Kimya. We offer a wide variety of home care products that enables us to touch every corner of consumers’ homes.
Here are some highlights about Bingo;
• First Launch
We first launched Bingo detergents in Turkey in 1987.
• Product Portfolio 
After the big success of Bingo detergents, we decided to launch other home care products such as Fabric Conditioners, Cream Cleaners, Surface Cleaners and Window Cleaning Sprays in 1993 - 1994.
• New Investments
We opened a new factory with a capacity of 200.000 tonnes of powder, 300.000 tonnes of liquid detergent production.
• Export Markets
We continued our expansion with three new factories in Bulgaria, Ukraine and Algerie and today we export our products to 44 countries.
• R&D
In 2012 we opened the first R&D Center in detergent category in Turkey.
For more details about Hayat Kimya and Bingo please visit www.hayat.com.tr